Work trousers with full-length legs

If you want to read about the differences between the work trousers with stretch, the dungarees, or what sets the full-length model Wilja apart from the ankle-length work pants, please take a look at our model comparison.

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"Trousers AVA are exactly what I was looking for: high in the back (no need to worry about bending down), stretch or durable fabric in the right places, and plenty of solutions to carry all the tools while keeping hands free. Excellent product. Fast delivery too." [translated] - Lisa H

Två kvinnor står med lie och klipper ner högt gräs

Well-fitting work trousers are the key to a productive workday. With the right fit, they offer increased comfort and freedom of movement, enhancing your work performance. Perfect work trousers minimize the risk of discomfort and distraction, making them a practical and functional investment for an efficient workday.