Två kvinnliga bönder går i en hästhage och sätter på sig sin arbetsskjorta

Here you will find i.a. our classic fiber fur jacket and our new flannel shirt! Tops with functions and colors that match your trousers from us. This is to offer you a complete outfit, whether you work in the garden, as a farmer or carpenter! 


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"I bought a flannel shirt at a fair, and subsequently, I placed an online order for a cotton work jacket. I received a very pleasant and personal service at the fair, and my online order was processed quickly. The garments have a practical design with space for work while still being 'stylish.' It's essential that clothes are both practical and aesthetic so that one can feel comfortable in them while working practically. Thank you!" [translated] - Inger H

Kvinna står i ett växthus iklädd en grön arbetsjacka

Our work jackets and work shirts combine practical features with style and are designed to meet the demands of your workday. Explore our range to find the perfect combination of comfort, durability, and adaptability to different work environments.

Learn more about the specific features and benefits of our workwear on each product page. We aim to provide you with a seamless and functional workwear experience, where each garment is carefully designed to fit your work style and body shape.