There is a plan behind it all.  

We continuously communicate with professionals in agriculture, construction, gardening, and others who don’t mind getting their hands dirty and value a days’ hard work. Our customers' feedback helps us constantly developing our products in order to always offer you the most functional and well-fitting workwear on the market.

Everything has its place. 
Down to the hammer, the secateurs, and the mobile phone. This video shows the main functions and features of our trousers.

Our background as professional tailors have always made us slightly obsessed with finding the perfect fit. Creating near to tailored trousers, regardless of body shape, was a great challenge we took on when we developed our first samples. After endless adjustments for all kinds of body shapes and we finally found our own unique design. The durable stretch used in areas where extra mobility is required allows the trousers to shape snuggly around your specific body. Flappy trouser legs can be a hazard when climbing, bending down, or moving around at a busy workplace, so we’ve made ours slightly narrower than on "regular" work trousers. The high waistline keeps your back nice and warm and in addition, allows you to bend down without revealing too much.

The raised waistband, bottom area and part of the waist is made of a durable comfy stretch.

The design fits most body shapes and comes in a large range of sizes. 

The stretchy fabric at the bottom and knees areas makes you comfortable even in the most awkward working positions.

Detachable tool pockets
Our practical detachable pockets fit most of our trousers. Depending on your work you can choose to attach it to the front, back, hip, or remove it altogether. It means you can carry all your tools with you whilst working, but remove the belt easily if you need to nip to the shop or take a break.

Sometimes a single pocket to the side is enough.

You can move the pocket to the back whilst climbing or working against a tabletop.

Attach the pockets to your belt to carry all the tools you need.

Detachable knee pads 

Our detachable knee pads are easily secured with buttons in loops on the outside of your trouser legs to avoid unnecessary wear and tear of your trousers. Since the knees usually takes the worst hit for dirt, you can wash them separately, instead of washing the whole pair of trousers. It saves the environment, garment, and effort.

Knee pads are great investments for your knees.

Easily attached and removed with two different positions to choose from.

The knee pad bags are sewn in the same durable stretch used in the trousers and will last a long time.