Some awards we are extra proud of! 

Top quality work clothes for women were previously not available, so we created them from scratch. We fight for everyone's right to well - fitting work clothes and sometimes our work gets a little extra attention, which we are incredibly proud of. 

Gender equality award

In 2020, we won the gender equality award, which is awarded at Tidskriften Betong's gala every year. The award shows that active efforts are needed to retain women in male-dominated industries.

Gold medal 

In 2018, our work trousers for pregnant won Nordbygg's gold medal for "the best product news of the year". Since then, the range of workwear for women has grown, and we are incredibly happy about that!

LAMK's Work environment award

In 2016, we received Lantbrukets (Agriculture) Work Environment Award for improving the working environment for women in agriculture. Our first prize that confirmed that our work is needed!

Betonggalans ("Concrete Gala") Gender Equality Award

The Concrete Gala is organized by the magazine Tidskriften Betong and is the community building industry's largest event. Each year a Gender Equality Prize is awarded to a company, project or person who has implemented important initiatives that promote gender equality. In 2020, our CEO, Johanna Söderström, won the award with the motivation: With determination and a tireless commitment contributed to strengthening the conditions for women not only to venture into the construction industry but also given a fair opportunity to stay. The winner gives employers the opportunity to meet women's needs for workwear with function, comfort and practical conditions in the same way as they meet men's. A prerequisite for being able to meet the working day on equal terms.  

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Nordbygg's Gold medal for the years best product news

Behind Nordbygg's gold medal are Nordbygg, the magazine Byggindustrin and Svensk Byggtjänst. The prize was awarded for the first time in 2010 and we won it in 2018. The jury's motivation for Operose's win was: “The 2018 gold medal draws attention to a product that focuses on one of Nordbygg's main themes - recruitment. The product is an innovation, in the sense that it feels so obvious and of course should have existed a long time ago. It paves the way for an approach that concretely opens up the construction industry. ”- This was the clearest victory in the history of the gold medal. Operose with the pants for pregnant women received 2,000 more votes than the closest contestants. And the jury was very much in agreement that this was the given winner, explains Urban Månsson, CEO of Swedish Construction Services.

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LAMK's Work environment award

LAMK is a network consisting of representatives of authorities, institutions, advisory bodies and organizations related to the green sector, land and gardens. In 2016, we won their work environment award with the motivation: "Well-functioning workwear is important both in terms of safety and comfort. Operose AB has improved the work environment for women in agriculture by actively designing workwear with a good fit and sense of style."

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