LUNA knee pads

  • 89 kr

Detachable surface-mounted knee pads. Using knee pads is without a doubt the cheapest and most reliable insurance for your knees. You attach them with

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LUNA is the slightly harder of our two knee pads and is suitable for you who do not spend much of your time working on your knees.

For our work trousers Felicia, Wilja, Ava, Tilde and our maternity trousers Rosmari, you place the knee pads inside the removable knee pad bag TEA, which you easily attach on the outside of the knee.
The painting pants Sophia instead have integrated pockets where you can easily put the knee pads.

  • Standard knee pads by RD45.
  • Dimensions 15 cm x 20 cm.

For you who kneel daily, we instead recommend our knee pads JUNO.