FELICIA work trousers burgundy

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The work trousers have a high waist with a straight waistband. It is ankle-length and has a relaxed fit over the buttocks and legs with a slightly tapered leg w

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Felicia work trousers burgundy

Ankle-length work trousers with a relaxed fit.

The work trousers have a high waist with a straight waistband. They are ankle-length and has a relaxed fit over the leg and leg with slightly tapered legs. The visible stitches are in a lighter shade of the trousers fabric. The trousers are made of a durable fabric in 100% cotton, the same fabric that you find in the garden trousers Wilja, the suspender trousers Jenny, in two of our trousers models with stretch - Ava and the shorts Ann, as well as in the work jacket Johanna.

The belt loops at the waist fits a 4 cm wide belt. The trousers have a hammer handle at the back where you can also hang other tools or gloves. It has two deep pockets at the front that continues over the side seam and provide two pockets at the back. One has room for eg secateurs and in the other, which closes with a push button, you can store your mobile phone 

Extras and Accessories

You buy the detachable pockets separately and you can attach them either to your belt or directly to the cuffs. That way, you can choose whether you want one or two pockets or maybe no pockets at all.

Choose between the pockets

  • LEA, our classic tool pockets, are sold in pairs
  • RAKEL, our larger garden pocket with many reinforced small pockets

The knee pads are placed in a knee pad bag that is attached to the outside of the trousers using buttons that are placed through the knee pad loops on eace side of the knee. Then you can choose for yourself whether you need space for knee pads and can then, for example, wash these separately!

  • TEA Knee pad bags, sold in pairs and in different sizes.
    • JUNO knee pad - our best quality knee pad
    • LUNA knee pad - our good quality knee pad

OBS! As Felicia has a wider leg width, you need to buy knee pad pockets in size M or L for them to fit properly.

Size guide 

The work trousers are available in sizes 34-52 and you can find a link to the size guide here. If you are hesitating between two sizes, we advise you to choose the one that bests corresponds to your waist width, as the trousers otherwise has a wide fit. 

  • Your body measurements should be compared with the measurements in the size guide.   
  • The measurements shown in the pictures above refer only to the measurements of the garment (some deviation may occur), and are not the measurements your body should have to fit the size

Materials, washing and production

  • The trousers can be washed in up to 60°C, but think about the environment and wash colder when possible.
  • The woven main fabric contains to 100% of cotton, its certified with Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 and produced in Turkey. Read more about the fabric production here.
  • The trousers are sewn in Lithuania, read more about the sewing production here

The model in the studio picture is 173 cm tall and wears a size 38. If you want to see how our pants fit on more bodies or how the colors can vary in different light, please visit our Instagram account.

We also have a full-length version of this style; Wilja and a pair of dungarees; Jenny - feel free to check them out too if you're curious!