A selection of our products

  • The trousers have a durable elastic material in 96% polyamide and 4% elastane over the buttocks and most of the waist.The woven fabric is made of 100% cotton.The ...
  • The pants have a durable elastic material over the buttocks and most of the waist.Over the stomach there is a cuff in 95% cotton 5% lycra with a buttonhole elasti...
  • Pile jacket with focus on fitting and function.The jacket is longer at the back to warm the buttocks and the sleeves have thumb holes that keep your hands warm.Th...

High quality workwear for women were not available, so we created it.

More and more women work in male dominated occupations and we like it. Unfortunately we have some distance to go before everyone has the same work conditions. That's why we want to do our bit and ensure that people have workwear that fits them regardless of occupation, gender or body shape. Our extensive experience of the clothing and fashion industry and passion for equality led us to found OPEROSE. Simply by dyeing menswear pink doesn´t make it fit women. OPEROSE makes workwear suited for working women.

A lot of time are put into developing our products

Our products are designed together with hard working women, and designed to meet tough demands on mobility, function and durability without compromising the goal of creating workwear that fit many different bodies.

In order for you to move freely without restriction, our pants have a durable stretch over the buttocks, waist and knees. They are elevated in the lumbar, which means that you keep your lumbar back warm and covered even when bending down.