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Our responsibility

We want to and try to take responsibility for both the small and the large parts of our business. This means everything from the choice of material in the work trousers to the type of packing bag we send the garments in. Therefore, we send your goods in a compostable bag instead of a plastic bag!

The sustainability work begins in the design process and during the product development we make sure to create a garment that works and lasts! The seams should hold and the fabrics needs to be durable. A durable garment will be a lesser burden on the environment than one in poorer quality, as it can be used a lot and for a long time! The lifespan of the garment also depends a lot on how you take care of it. Please to read more about what you can do under 

Our fabrics

We choose fabrics and fabric manufacturers with environmental certifications and a good reputation. 

Sewing production

We produce in Europe where the protection laws and the working environment are regulated by the EU.