LEA pockets black - cotton

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Lea pockets, black. Removable tool pockets where you can choose yourself. The fabric in these pockets is best suited to our cotton work trousers.

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Removable tool pockets give you choice.

These pockets match and are in the same fabric as our AVA and FELICIA trousers, and ANN shorts. 

The pockets are 18cm wide and 24cm high and are sold in pairs, ie two in each package.
Our detachable pockets, that goes with our work trousers, are easily swapped around to whatever combination that suits you at that moment. They are secured to the belt loops or onto a belt (up to 4cm wide).

The inside is reinforced, and they come with a number of compartments and loops for tool carrying.

The pockets are sold in pairs, i.e. two in each package.

● Washable at 40 degrees.
● The fabric is made of 100% cotton and is manufactured in Turkey.
● The inside is made of Cordura/100% polyamide and is manufactured in Germany.
● The pockets are sewn in Lithuania.

The most common way to have the tool pockets is two in the front. But sometimes it is more practical to have one at the back instead or simply hang them away.

The flaps on the pockets are easily attached through the belt loops in the waist of the trousers. They are available in two different sizes, the short ones (14cm long) fit best up to size 44, and the long ones (22cm long) best fit up to size 54.

For more variations on how your pockets can be used, please check out our Instagram account.