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IMPVAX makes the fabric water-repellent and is an environmentally friendly alternative of impregnation

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IMPVAX makes the fabric water repellent.


  • Beeswax that comes from bees that build their own wax and overwinter on honey
  • Linseed oil that is Swedish and slim.
  • Stearic that is Nordic Ecolabelled (Svenemärkt).

The impregnating agent is packed in a small cloth bag made of recycled cotton fabric.

How to use:
Wash the fabric so that dirt and chemicals disappear. Rub the block against the parts of the fabric that you want water-repellent. Avoid using the wax on the black stretch in our pants as it easily becomes flammable. If the fabric is of a color other than white, you can see immediately when the surface is finished. Then heat the fabric with an iron on low heat or with a hair dryer.